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Pan Roasted Seabass With Coconut Sauce
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Seared Scallops, Banana Tamarind Puree, Short Ribs Jus and Salmon Roe
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Roast Summer Peach Brulee for a Wedding
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Beef Carpacio w Matouk's, Parmasean and Watercress
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Prime Filet Mignon, Spring Pea Puree, Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms, Yellow Plum Miso
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Grilled Cobia and Black Beans with Chorizo Spaetzle
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We offer a complete selection of catering services intended to make your party stress-free!

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Interested in hosting a dinner party or cooking class in the Tampa Bay area? Justin-Thyme Personal Chef Service offers exciting full service dinner parties and catering services in the comfort of your own home. Call us today for details!
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Justin-Thyme Personal Chef Service

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Justin-Thyme Personal Chef Service provides elegant full-service event catering to the to the Tampa Bay area!

We offer a complete selection of catering services intended to make your party stress-free! Whether it's a wedding, an intimate dinner for two, Sunday brunch, a cocktail party, a bridal shower, a casual backyard party, a holiday celebration or a charitable fundraiser…Marker 39 Floribbean Cuisine by Justin-Thyme LLC can provide you with an occasion to remember! We can also help you with service professionals including: servers, bartending personnel, equipment rental, party decoration, entertainment and floral arrangement. We'll help take the stress out of planning your event. And, unlike traditional caterers whose line cooks may prepare your food in an off-site kitchen hours before the event and transport it to your location, Marker 39 Floribbean Cuisine prepares the majority of your foods hot and fresh right on premises!

Please e-mail us at Jamie.Marker39events@gmail.com and we can discuss your specific catering needs.

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Additional Personal Chef Services Available to the Tampa area:

Hors d'oeuvres Soiree-
These exciting cocktail party events are a great way to get together with your friends or host an ofiice party. The food preparation is all done in the client's home the day of the event. Please allow your personal chef to arrive 3 hours prior to the arrival of your guests to prepare and warm your hors d' oeuvres.

Holiday Prep-
If the hassle of preparing for the holidays is wearing you down, let Marker 39 Floribbean Cuisine come and prepare all your culinary delights for you. Then all you have to do is heat and eat!

'Secret' Chef Service
If you want your friends to think you've been cooking over a hot stove all day in preparation for your party, let Marker 39 Floribbean Cuisine take care of all the details! We will prepare your menu from soup to nuts then sneak out the back door prior to your guests' arrival so you can take all the credit. No one will be the wiser! We also provide you with all of the recipes of the day to share with your guests!

In-Home Dinner Parties/ Corporate Luncheons
Want to create a memorable event that your guests will be talking about for a long time to come? Whether it's a holiday party, wedding, family BBQ, a sit-down multi-course meal or a corporate event, Marker 39 Floribbean Cuisine can accommodate your catering needs, providing that WOW factor you seek.

Interactive Dinner Parties
Love to host parties but dread the thought of shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning? How about having an interactive dinner party where Chef Justin provides a hands-on cooking demonstration with you and your guests. Your personal will help you plan a dinner menu and will bring all the ingredients to your home for the party. Once the cooking is done, you enjoy your meal with your guests while we clean up the mess in the kitchen!

Kids/Teen Cooking Classes
Kids/Teens are taught healthy/delicious cooking techniques, sustainable cooking/shopping and basic recipes with every class! Cooking classes can consist of learning how to make healthy after school snacks to an entire dinner! 'Kids in the kitchen' is a 2 hour cooking class for ages 5-12. 'Teens in the Kitchen' is a 3 hour cooking class for ages 13 and up!

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Our personal chefs are experts at decorative tabletop arrangement, food and wine pairings, and contemporary culinary design, ensuring that you and your guests have a world class dining experience.

If you any have questions about our Tampa catering services or would like to book a dinner party or purchase a customized gift certificate, please call us today at:


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